Trips to the surroundings

The district Cheb is at the very west of the Czech Republic neighbouring with Germany. It is a district with well developed tourism with dominant position of spa treatment in famous towns of Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně.

Františkovy Lázně

The district Cheb is rich in natural resources, historical and cultural sights, and natural diversity.

City Cheb

There are about 210 mineral springs, out of which about 53 is used as curative springs in spa treatment. This area is unique particularly for the numerous springs and its different chemical composition concentrated in a quite small area.

Nature Reservation SOOS

You certainly deserve the attention of folk architecture. The most valuable of them are in communities Doubrava at Linden and New Drahov, which were promulgated in 1995 by village monument reservation of folk architecture. Municipal Historical Conservation are in Cheb – center of the collection of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance houses and Franzensbad, whose center is a unique architectural complex. The spa town of Marianske Lazne center was declared an urban conservation area.

Beautys of Karlovarský Kraj

Near the town Františkovy Lázně you should not miss the extraordinary place – the SOOS national nature reservation, which is a living example of marsh volcanoes and gaseous springs. Other attractive places of interests are the town Cheb with its castle, the castle Seeberg, the chateau Kynžvart, spa towns Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, and many others.

Sports activities around the camp Baldi – Karlovarský Kraj
Bicycle trails of Karlovarský Kraj

Region with the growing number of bike paths and an abundance of natural attractions.
While the assassins first bicycle path in the pipeline in the Cheb region to build bike paths already embarked dříve.Chebská Hall for bicycle traffic approaches a slightly different way than assassins. Its investment focus in addition to building the bike and bicycle paths, and not only in Cheb, but also out of town. Already have opened cross-border bicycle route by Old Hroznata, pedaling a border.
He’s about to complete the cycle path along the former route Šlapanský which way will lead the main bike paths No.6 podélOhře. Part of the track since 2006 successfully serving as cycling tourist public. On the Cheb region but also some very interesting bike and this year be more to come.
So to round up, beautiful weather and a lot of experiences in Cheb paths.

6 National Cyklostezka Ohře (113km) úsek Slapany – Cheb – Tršnice – Mostov 24​
36 National Magistrála Krušné hory (275 km) – úsek Salajna – Cheb – Luby 58
361 Regional​ Klášter Teplá – M.Lázně – Stará Voda – Mýtina – Maria Loreta – Slapany 52​
604 Regional Kynšperk, Dobroše – Tuřany – Salajna 11​
2056 Local​ Starý Hrozňatov, CLO – Podhrad 6
2070 Local Cheb – Podhrad – Dřenice – Ypsilonka – Nebanice 17
2129 Local Lipová – Doubrava u Jesenice – Mýtina, CLO 6
2130 Local Velký Luh – Křižovatka – Milhostov 9
2132 Local Wernitzgrün – Luby – Nový Kostel – Milhostov – Nebanice 25​
2133 Local Skalná – Soos – Nový Drahov – Doubí u Tršnice 9​
2134 Local​ Frant. Lázně – Žírovice – Starý Rybník – Skalná 7​
2164 Local Cheb, Skalka – Horní Pelhřimov – Pomezí nad Ohří 9​
2177 Local Cheb, CHETES – Dolní Pelhřimov – Pod vodojemem 3​
2180 Local Luby – Opatov – Libocký Důl 6​
2243 Local Cheb, Myslivna – Pomezí – Pomezí, CLO 7​
2266 Local Mostov – Potočiště – Doubí 9​


Eger river by the boat

Aqua park – Aquaforum Františkovy Lázně